Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses make our communities unique, employ many of our neighbors, and contribute massively to the economy and to job creation as a whole. We need to spur economic development, strengthen our small businesses, and incentivize new business creation that puts our community and working families first. Many small business owners are struggling while businesses are getting shuttered and some parts of the 40th council district have a 29% small business vacancy rate. When small businesses are discouraged from expanding and start-ups can’t get off the ground, our community suffers. A significant barrier for small businesses is the surging cost of rent for commercial spaces. If a small business owner is rent-burdened, their profits and the jobs they create are burdened, too.

This is why as your city council member, I will:

  • Provide tax incentives for small businesses who hire full-time employees.

  • Drive down the cost of healthcare for businesses by working to create a universal healthcare system in New York City.

  • Work to create more loading zones on Flatbush ave

  • Better fund the Flatbush Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District so that they can better support the needs of small businesses

  • Fight to protect small business owners against greedy landlords who often favor larger businesses and higher rents.

  • Push for landmark status for certain long-term businesses in the district.

  • Continue to support Chamber on the Go, which comes to the doorsteps of small businesses to provide government services on the spot.  As the Director of Small Business Services for the Council at the time of Chamber on the Go’s launch, I was instrumental in bringing it to fruition.

  • Incentivize the creation of more incubator and coworking spaces such a BKLYN Commons for startups to drive down the cost of rent.