Now more than ever, our community needs strong, progressive leadership to fight for working families. Let's build a movement together, and a Brooklyn we can all afford to live in. 


Affordable Housing

It goes without saying that Brooklyn faces a major affordable housing crisis. More low and middle-income families are being pushed out by rising rents and greedy developers, while our elected representatives pay nothing but lip service. It's time we STAND UP to the powerful real-estate interests, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and fight for commonsense policies that support long-time residents who are being rapidly displaced.

  • Increase rent stabilized and protected units.
  • Make Affordable Housing AFFORDABLE.
  • Fighting Back Against Unscrupulous Landlords.

An Economy That Works for Everyone

For the past four decades, the gap between the rich and the poor has exponentially increased. Meanwhile, low and middle-income wages have been stagnant while the cost of living has skyrocketed. With the Federal Government controlled by conservative Republicans, it is up to us on a local level to find innovative solutions to create jobs, support small businesses, and create educational opportunities to support our most underserved communities.

  • Creating Jobs in the Community, for the Community.
  • Supporting Small Businesses.
  • Vocational Training and Supporting Union Labor.

Caring for our Seniors

They say that a society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable populations. Having a close relationships with my elderly family members and the community, I understand many of the day-to-day issues our Seniors face. Ensuring a positive and peaceful quality of life for Seniors is a major concern for me and I will continue to dedicate more time and resources to addressing these issues.

  • Increase funding for Senior Services and Community Centers. 
  • Bolster Community Safety Efforts.
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Opportunities for our Youth

As a proud product of New York City Public schools, and the son of a single-mother, I understand what it takes for a child to receive a good education and upbringing, especially in underserved communities. For the past decade, I have worked directly with children and young adults, providing services and mentorship programming in neighborhoods lacking resources. I plan to truly champion these issues so that our children have the most opportunities available to them so that they can go on to college, receive vocational training and follow their dreams.

  • Increase Funding Mentorship Services.
  • New Innovative Vocational and Career Training.
  • Support Arts and Recreation Activities and Programs.

Cultural Preservation

Being one of the most diverse places on earth, Brooklyn is soaked in such diverse cultural practices and offerings. As a Jamaican-American growing up right here in Flatbush, it inspires me to see the many cultural offerings our community provides, from food to clothing to music and art. Yet as our city undergoes radical transformation due to the effects of gentrification, it is of vital importance that we protect our diverse cultural heritage and these amazing community institutions.

  • Support cultural institutions such as the African Music Centre
  • Open a new community center that celebrates and educates folks about the district’s rich culture of music, from Jazz to Caribbean influenced genres.
  • Establish food focused events celebrating the unique flavors offered by our diverse restaurants, while setting up cooking workshops so that our children can learn how to cook healthy meals using recipes and ingredients unique to our district's diverse cultures.

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