Brooklyn faces a major affordable housing crisis. More low and middle-income families are being pushed out by rising rents and greedy developers

— Brian Cunningham

It goes without saying that Brooklyn faces a major affordable housing crisis. More low and middle-income families are being pushed out by rising rents and greedy developers, while our elected representatives pay nothing but lip service. It's time we STAND UP to the powerful real-estate interests, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and fight for commonsense policies that support long-time residents who are being rapidly displaced.

  • Increase rent stabilized and protected units.
  • Make Affordable Housing AFFORDABLE.
  • Fighting Back Against Unscrupulous Landlords.

We must increase rent stabilized and protected units and make 'affordable housing' live up to it's name.

1. Dissolve the state legislature power to regulate housing and rent in New York City. I will stand up to the rogue democrats in the State Senate who have helped Republicans block legislation to protect tenants. We should be the ones who control our ability to afford where we live - not upstate politicians without a stake in the situation who have been bought by the wealthy real estate lobby.

2. Demand the repeal of the Urstadt Law. Repeal this outdated, unfair law, which has exacerbated the housing crisis with imposed widespread rent deregulation and allowed the real estate market to gouge NYC tenants.

3. Make rent control and rent stabilized housing cutoff ages increase as time passes. Fewer residential buildings built before 1947 (rent control) and 1974 (rent stabilization) exist and have available rooms.

4. Passing housing legislation that is mindful of increases and changes in population and demographics. 

5. Ensure that any development receiving government subsidies for affordable living remain affordable - forever.

6. Give preference to non-profit developers to develop affordable and low income housing. We need to save residents from higher rents charged to pay off for-profit developers.

7. Develop more lease to own programs. Residents need more programs to become home owners rather than renters lining the pockets of people who do not participate in or give back to the community. The people who live here should have a stake in their community.

Fighting Back Against Exploitive Landlords.

Thanks to our Public Advocate, Letitia James, we know that right here in our district, the worst landlord in all of New York City has 5 properties totaling well over 1,000 violations.

  1. Following in the Public Advocate’s footsteps and promoting legislation such as her proposed bill to crack down on slumlords by preventing them from being able to get building permits.

  2. Strengthening the penalties for repeat offenders and prohibiting them from bidding on city contracts.

  3. Putting forward legislation that gives landlords a 30-day deadline to cash or deposit received rent checks.

  4. Holding free multi-language information sessions in the community to provide tips on how to avoid falling into housing scams.

  5. Making funds available for organizations that send people undercover to investigate racial/gender/sexuality/religious bias when it comes to renting.