Immigrant Justice


Our community and country is built upon the backs of our immigrant community, and we are stronger because of it. We must stand with every single immigrant and undocumented individual and demand that there be not one more deportation. We will fight to extend TPS, defend DACA, stand against deportation agents like ICE, work with all immigrants to ensure our community has the resources and access to legal counsel and public services, and go further and demand that all immigrants receive permanent, not just temporary, protection. I stand in solidarity with the work already happening in and being led by the immigrant community and look forward to being a progressive ally in city council who listens to their demands and experiences.

Inhumane anti-immigrant policies, rooted in racism and exploitation, do not make our community stronger. We must resist the attacks coming from the federal government that seek to divide our city and country and continue to push for and create legislation on a local and state level that protects all immigrants and brings our country together.


Extend TPS & Demand Permanent Protection

Though the Temporary Protected Status for our Haitian community was extended another six months, to January 22nd of 2018, we must continue to fight for another extension, taking the fight to DC and around the country, while also working harder to provide pathways to citizenship in the process that go beyond temporary protection. The uncertainty of these significant decisions has caused unthinkable mental and physical distress and I pledge to do all I can to provide our community with the accessible support it needs during these times while working together with others to build a movement and power that ensures our community is permanently protected and doesn’t have to live in fear and distress anymore. Many of those under threat have lived in the 40th district for many years and are an integral part of our community who deserve to live in dignity, not fear.


Sanctuary Yes, Deportation No

Communities of color already live under enough fear with racist policies that predominantly target and criminalize our communities. While we fight for criminal justice and police reform, we must simultaneously stand up for our immigrant community and against ICE agents by passing Sanctuary City policies and supporting the Liberty Act (many of which were a part of key provisions recently declared by the Mayor). The recent actions by the mayor to protect the immigrant community were significant thanks to communities on the frontlines organizing for justice, dignity and human rights. I look forward to continuing to push for progressive legislation that protects our communities and declares no human is illegal.


Defend DACA & Fight for Amnesty: Here to Stay

Trump’s decision to terminate DACA, like all of his anti-immigrant legislation, is an attack on all of us. DREAMers, like all immigrants, have worked extremely hard to make a life in the United States, contribute greatly to our country, and deserve to live with dignity, not disrespect. I stand with the undocumented and DREAMer community who is leading the way forward towards a clean DREAM Act that protects DREAMers, provides a clear path to citizenship and doesn’t use their families, the border wall, and other anti-immigrant policies as bargaining chips. More ICE agents or a bigger wall is not the solution, only permanent protection, human rights and dignity is.  


No Muslim or Refugee Ban

I will stand with the Muslim community and against all forms of Islamophobia and white supremacist policies like the travel ban which predominantly target Muslims and their families. Policies targeting the Muslim community do not make us safer. We instead we need to work together to ensure there is no Muslim or refugee ban while lifting up the voices of the most marginalized.


Know Your Rights Trainings and Legal Counsel

I will work with the community to support know your rights trainings to ensure members of our community are equipped with knowledge in potentially dangerous situations and free legal counsel and funds that ensure our immigrant community can afford the steep costs of application fees in the costly immigration process. No one should have to live in extra stress, financially, mentally, or physically, while simply trying to afford to become a citizen and be treated with dignity. Together, we will create a community that looks out for one another and declares no human is illegal and that we are here to stay.