Our city needs to step up to the plate and do more to respect the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as improve the safety of motorists. 

As your City Councilman, I will be committed to protecting everyone that uses our streets, whether they’re driving a car, riding a bike, or crossing by foot.  Our city needs to step up to the plate and do more to respect the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as improve the safety of motorists.  We must make meaningful changes in order to tackle traffic, overcome financial and ableist barriers to public transportation, and reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are some issues in particular that stand out in our neighborhood.  First, I want to express my support for the car-free initiative in Park Slope this summer.  If elected, I will continue to support the DOT in any way possible in its endeavor to ensure that the effects on traffic continue to be negligible so that we can make it a permanent feature of the park.  This will make the park air cleaner and the roads safer for cyclists, joggers, and children.

The other neighborhood-specific issue that needs swift attention is the high crash corridors that are Brooklyn Ave and Kingston Ave.  15.9 and 20.7 traffic-related serious injuries or deaths per mile, respectively, take place here.  Specific plans to fix the problem were proposed over 2 years ago and the needed changes have yet to be made while accidents continue to take place at alarming rates.  I will not let this situation continue to be ignored; I will advocate proactively on behalf of cyclists where current leadership has failed to do so at the cost of people’s lives.

Additionally, I intend on making our streets safer and easier to navigate for cyclists and pedestrians by:

  • Introducing specifically marked bike lanes where they are currently lacking wherever possible to reduce accidents and crashes

  • Supporting the DOT’s proposal for partial street closures on Franklin Avenue as well as on Remsen Avenue to install pedestrian plazas

  • Pushing for an expansion of Citi Bike so that more New Yorkers have access to get around in a sustainable, healthy way

Reduce Traffic and Commute Times.

If we combat traffic effectively, we will be enabling our neighbors to get to work more quickly and vastly improve emergency services such as ambulances and police vehicles’ response times as well as increase the output of delivery services such as the USPS.  I will support:

  • An increase in the amount of bus only lanes to improve local bus service

  • PARK Smart NYC as well as an interest in expanding it further to incentivize off-peak travel to reduce congestion

  • The adoption of Move NY by New York State, a plan that would maintain, modernize, and expand our aging transit system and improve our road and bridge network, creating 30,000+ new, local, annually recurring jobs in the process

Improve Transit Access for Low Income and Disabled New Yorkers.

New York has an expansive network of public transportation.  However, its inaccessibility to low income and disabled residents must be addressed and rectified.  To improve accessibility and economic opportunity for low income New Yorkers, I will:

  • Advocate for fair fares.  The city should follow the lead of other global cities such as San Francisco and Seattle by introducing a program of half-priced subway and bus fares for New Yorkers living below the poverty level.

  • Encourage reduced ticket prices for Metro North and Long Island Rail Road users traveling exclusively within city limits.

I will also fight for our disabled neighbors’ rights to access public transportation by:

  • Advocating the allocation of money towards:

    • Installing more elevators in subway stations across NYC and repairing existing ones that do not function

    • Adding new curb cuts and repairing existing curb cuts where necessary

  • Supporting the integration of yellow taxis (which are wheelchair accessible by law) into Access-A-Ride so that disabled New Yorkers can get a ride right away rather than having to reserve one the day before.

  • Passing legislation offering alternative livery services that operate in NYC such as Uber and Lyft tax credits for increasing their wheelchair accessibility service.