Environmental issues are economic and racial justice issues. They are also about building community, self-sufficiency, and resiliency amidst the changes ahead. We need a progressive voice that is willing to be bold on climate change and knows that low income communities and communities of color, especially in New York City’s 40th council district, are hit the hardest by rising temperatures and sea levels. Despite inaction on the federal level, we are still on the frontlines of the battle ahead and must continue to develop solutions that empower our community, confront climate change, create resiliency and are firmly rooted in economic, racial and climate justice.

We must seriously increase investments in green infrastructure, greening vacant lots, community gardens and organizations, decentralized food systems, and renewable energy that hires locally, empowers our community, and increases our resiliency.


  • Combating Urban Heating and Summer Heat Waves

    • Because of minimal vegetation and plenty of asphalt and concrete, urban areas, and especially our community, are hit the hardest by summer heat waves and rising temperatures. Heated related deaths are expected to increase to over 3,000 annually by 2080 and communities of color will be the most impacted. The mayor’s office recently released the Cool Neighborhoods NYC program and I will make sure the money we receive empowers our community and keeps our district cool.

  • Divest from Dirty Fossil Fuels & Racism,
    Invest in Renewable Energy & Resiliency

    • I will continue to work with the city and community organizations to ensure we divest from toxic plants that are impacting communities of color the most while investing in renewable energy, like resilient solar-plus-storage systems, and green infrastructure that hire locally and increase our resiliency as a community.

  • Food Security

    • In combating climate change and environmental racism, we also have the opportunity to build self sufficient and community powered food systems which currently waste over a million tons of food while people go hungry in our district and city. Recent research shows that our food systems are vulnerable, especially during extreme weather events, and together we will work with organizations around the district and city to develop less wasteful and more resilient food systems that keep us safe.

  • Sea Level Rise Mitigation

    • I support the newest measures from the Mayor’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines which put a plan in place to address the serious urgency and changes ahead with rising sea levels (another 11 to 21 inches in the decades ahead with New York City having higher sea level rise than the global average). However, we must continue to innovate and rethink our urban planning, act urgently investing in green infrastructure that decreases flooding and protects coastal areas, and prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable communities.

  • Community Engagement and Education

    • We must do more work to educate our community about climate justice and ensure that our voices, especially those of the most marginalized, are centered and heard in the climate justice programs moving forward. I look forward to working with organizations already doing great work in the city and moving towards more grassroots led initiatives to lift up our communities.